(or selected shoots, random thoughts and wild ravings…)

I was fortunate enough to shot the beautiful Caia for the first time on a crisp sunny August morning at Caves Beach.

Caia’s one of those rare models that can express a lot of different emotions and attitudes without doing much more than moving her eyes.

Shot with a Pentax 645n, Rolleiflex 2.8D and a Leica M6 on Tri-X, Portra 400 and 800.


I had the opportunity to photograph a brand new model recently, the stunning Zoe, down at Caves Beach and Naru, two of my favourite locations. Hair and makeup was by the ever talented Charlene Harrison.

Shot on Pentax 6×7 & Pentax 645N cameras with Kodak Portrait 800 & Tri-X film (in D76 1:1).

Sargon Evanian

I really love this photo.

My grandmother passed away and left a small amount of money to me. Instead of using it for a holiday or frittering it away on bills, I wanted to buy something that would last a long time and forever remind me of her.

I decided on a mint condition Rolleiflex camera, which i purchased over the net from Austria. After it was delivered, after the first roll and a half of film went thru it, the film advance mechanism ceased up due to inactivity over the last 60 years.Read More

The Whole Roll

I was recently invited to be a part of a new Youtube channel based on film photography, The Whole Roll.

The concept is that selected photographers will share an entire roll from a shoot, no editing, and it will be shown without and music, fanfare or fluff. I love this concept…one of the reasons I love shooting film so much is there is a certain raw authenticity to it that digital will never have.

In hindsight my pride made me choose a roll that would make me look good. In hindsight I wish I’d picked a roll that wasn’t as good, that was more of a reflection of a typical roll from a shoot, with a few warts and hair on it!

This roll is from a shoot I did with the gorgeous Chelsea a few months ago.

A drive around town with a Holga 120N

Went for a drive around town to test out my Holga 120N a little while ago (OK OK, it was 6 months ago).

The Holga has a cult following; it is a 100% plastic camera, with a blurry lens at the edges, random light leaks and it certainly has a character all of its own.

The photos it takes aren’t the crisp, clean shots you’re used to seeing…which is why I love it. The photos have a fuzzy look, almost like a memory.

It’s a simple camera that is surprisingly easy to stuff up…I shot 4 rolls of film on it at a shoot which are all blurry…user error – I had somehow bumped it onto “bulb” long exposure mode. Nevermind, press on.

These shots are just random shots of things I found interesting as I drove past, nothing super special.


It seems only a few weeks ago that I was whingeing about the 40 degree days, now I can’t find a sunny day for a shoot no matter how hard I try. Another shoot, another rainy day.

It was the gorgeous Teigan’s turn to play in the rain. She’s a very experienced model, which means its really hard to take a bad shot…she has the poses and the looks down pat. The downside of that it if I take 200 photos on a shoot, its bloody hard to cull them down to 20 or so. They’re all so good.

Nevermind, first world photographer problems right?

Chelsea Anne

I love an adventurous model! Despite the stormy weather and the grey skies, when I suggested to Chelsea that we shoot anyway she agreed. So glad she did because the light was amazing, as was Chelsea.

Shot with a Pentax 645n & a Pentax 6×7, with 105 & 200mm lenses. Kodak Tmax 400, Fuji Pro 400H and expired Velvia 50 were the films.

Amethyst Wonderland

We were hoping for a nice beautiful sunrise, but at the last minute the weather decided not to cooperate, and we got torrential rain. So of course, I asked the gorgeous Amethyst to go out and play in the rain.

Shot on a Pentax 645n and a Pentax 6×7, on Kodak TMax400, Fuji Pro 400H and Fuji Velvia 50.

The Battle Months Of George Daurella

It’s almost 4.30am on a Friday morning, and I can’t sleep.

I haven’t had a decent nights sleep for a week, and I just can’t switch my mind off. I know I’ve got a personal shoot that I’ve been looking forward to in less than 12 hours. I’m constantly doing the sums…i had 3ish hours sleep yesterday, and it’s been 14 hours since I slept, so I need to find some time in the day to get a few hours sleep before the shoot. But how much? And when? And how?Read More

OK, no promises but…

I’m not a great writer. And I hate reading something I’ve written a few weeks ago; it always sounds so boring and self important.

But I’m going to try to keep posting selected shots from my shoots for a while, without reeditting them later or going back and deleting them.

See how I go.