Snapshots, December 2017 to May 2018

The Whole Roll

I was recently invited to be a part of a new Youtube channel based on film photography, The Whole Roll.

The concept is that selected photographers will share an entire roll from a shoot, no editing, and it will be shown without and music, fanfare or fluff. I love this concept…one of the reasons I love shooting film so much is there is a certain raw authenticity to it that digital will never have.

In hindsight my pride made me choose a roll that would make me look good. In hindsight I wish I’d picked a roll that wasn’t as good, that was more of a reflection of a typical roll from a shoot, with a few warts and hair on it!

This roll is from a shoot I did with the gorgeous Chelsea a few months ago.

A drive around town with a Holga 120N

Went for a drive around town to test out my Holga 120N a little while ago (OK OK, it was 6 months ago).

The Holga has a cult following; it is a 100% plastic camera, with a blurry lens at the edges, random light leaks and it certainly has a character all of its own.

The photos it takes aren’t the crisp, clean shots you’re used to seeing…which is why I love it. The photos have a fuzzy look, almost like a memory.

It’s a simple camera that is surprisingly easy to stuff up…I shot 4 rolls of film on it at a shoot which are all blurry…user error – I had somehow bumped it onto “bulb” long exposure mode. Nevermind, press on.

These shots are just random shots of things I found interesting as I drove past, nothing super special.