Lily for Cactus and Co

Caught up with the lovely Lily recently to shoot some of Cactus and Co’s latest designs.

Shot on Agfa Vista 200 with a Leica M6 + Zeiss Biogon 35/2.0, and a Canon EOS 5 + 50/1.5. Scanned with a Noritsu LS600.


Caught up with the delightful artist Belle Peregrine once again for a short, flu affected photo shoot.

Films shot were 1 roll of Fuji Natura 1600 and 2 rolls of Kodak Ultramax 400, all at box speed. Scanned on a Noritsu LS600.

The Noritsu LS600

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The 4 Day, 7 Lighthouse Road Trip

I somehow managed to arrange a block of 4 days off in a row one week, and I was determined not to waste the opportunity. I somehow got it into my head that I wanted to photograph all the lighthouses between Newcastle and Byron Bay. Read More


I’d been wanting to try out a couple of films I hadn’t used before (Cinestill 800 and Fuji Natura 1600), so I touched base with the beautiful Amy Everard to organise a nighttime shoot. Read More


Photographed a brand new model recently down at Caves Beach and Naru – the stunning Zoe. Hair and makeup was by the ever talented Charlene Harrison.

Shot on Pentax 6×7 & Pentax 645N cameras with Kodak Portrait 800 & Tri-X film (in D76 1:1).

The Whole Roll

I was recently invited to be a part of a new Youtube channel based on film photography, The Whole Roll.

The concept is that selected photographers will share an entire roll from a shoot, no editing, and it will be shown without and music, fanfare or fluff. I love this concept…one of the reasons I love shooting film so much is there is a certain raw authenticity to it that digital will never have.

In hindsight my pride made me choose a roll that would make me look good. In hindsight I wish I’d picked a roll that wasn’t as good, that was more of a reflection of a typical roll from a shoot, with a few warts and hair on it!

This roll is from a shoot I did with the gorgeous Chelsea a few months ago.


It seems only a few weeks ago that I was whingeing about the 40 degree days, now I can’t find a sunny day for a shoot no matter how hard I try. Another shoot, another rainy day.

It was the gorgeous Teigan’s turn to play in the rain. She’s a very experienced model, which means its really hard to take a bad shot…she has the poses and the looks down pat. The downside of that it if I take 200 photos on a shoot, its bloody hard to cull them down to 20 or so. They’re all so good.

Nevermind, first world photographer problems right?

Amethyst Wonderland

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Black and White Sunrise with Tori

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