Grace reached out to me on Instagram to see if I was open to collaborating on a project together…how could I say no? We organised a sunrise shoot, and unfortunately it was really overcast and a little rainy, but we pushed on.Read More

Trashed Again, The Not Nots & The Dark Clouds at The Stag & Hunter

Got down to the local pub to see some bands…took the Leica M6 and shot a few pics with the Canon 50mm 1.8 LTM. The film was HP5@1600, dev’d in ID11.


Caught up with the gorgeous Tori for another shoot. This time I decided to try and use my Leica M6 for the full shoot. I went with Ilford HP5 pushed to 1600 – I really wanted to try and embrace the high contrast grainy look. That goes against what I normally try to do with portrait/fashion shoots, but hey, sometimes I like to do things the hard way.

In hindsight I probably should have taken a little more care in metering…with the high contrast look, underexposing a little lead to huuuuge increases in grain, and overexposing leads to flat, boring negatives.

You live and learn.

When I you nail it though, I think it looks great…might give it another try or two on shoots.