Phil Stefans | Newcastle Photographer - Film Photography
Newcastle film photographer
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“All photos are accurate. None of them is the truth.”

– Richard Avedon


I love to photograph people. A sliver of someones persona captured at 1/125th of a second can communicate so much.


I shoot film, mostly. I’ll occasionally use a digital camera as well – different jobs, different tools – but my passion is photographing and developing film. I believe that film has something emotional and organic about it that draws me to it.


From selecting an old camera with the reassuring weight and feel of metal and leather, choosing a film type, shooting in a slower, more considered fashion and finally developing the film to suit the look I am after, I find the process more satisfying than digital photography.


Importing 500 photos off a memory card and spending the afternoon culling and retouching them in front of a computer screen will never compare to the feeling you get as you hold the freshly developed negatives up to the light for the first time to see what you’ve got. I still get a buzz from it.


I’m based in Newcastle, Australia. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy my work.